Time Management

Oh, the how the mornings are getting brisk here in my part of the country! It was a whopping 48 degrees when I woke up! Brrr, I was not built for the cold or at least I don’t think I was! So the thought on my mind today is time management. 🕜 I know its way to early to think about but with the holidays coming up it’s gotta be considered. So next week is Halloween…then only a few weeks later Thanksgiving (If you’re in the US) and then Christmas. Now, unlike most of you I don’t have small children to work around or a job outside the home…but what I do have is two jobs inside the home I do and still have the family to contend with. My two jobs, of course, is writing and crochet – then there are all the kids to plan holidays with, my husband doing an insane amount of traveling between now and

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Things I’ve Learned…

Today I share with you a list, compilation, of the things I’ve learned. Now these things are not just what I learned today or yesterday, but over the last 40+ years of my life. Ever think of what your list may be? Here are my top ten things I’ve learned… Appreciate each morsel of food you have, you never know when you will miss a meal cause you can not afford one or you chose to give it to someone else. Love all of your family – even the ones you really don’t get along with! After all, they are where you come from, what you reflect upon, and what your future depends on. Respect any one who has lived longer you! They have more time invested on this world and can share that information or hoard it. Be nice – that info could help you out. No matter how hard life is… someone has it worse. Appreciate life! Each

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