Staying healthy in a pandemic

Whew, what a topic… right! Well, let me tell you that staying healthy is more than eating good. Its also abut mental health. So, let me tell you what I am doing and hopefully it will help you. Physical health wile in a pandemic is hard enough but I’m currently living in a hotel. Hubs is on a work trip that should last another two weeks’ish… so we have had the not so fun pleasure of not being home. Our resources have become even more limited with out situation. He is still working – 6 days a week. We go about every other day or so to gather food that is cooked for us and get the things we need. The gym in the hotel is closed but there is not much in there I can get on anyway with my back problems so we both figured some light yoga is best for me. I’ve started that today. That will

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Home Sweet… Georgia

I’ve been blessed to be able to go back to Georgia this last week for vacation and it was perfect, even with the numerous storms – which were random and fierce all at once. I flew into Savannah where my hubs picked me up and we had a great dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Made some calls to let a few people know I was in town, sent a few messages and tried to start making plans to see people. Usually my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids are the ones we see first but alas, they were vacationing in Florida so I had days before I’d see them. Quickly calling Ma and trying to get on her schedule, Johnny and I decided to take Sunday for ourselves and we did some exploring. We drove around Tybee Island looking for an elusive fishing spot, which remains elusive for us 🙂 The day was extremely hot and of course we decide we are going

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Coastal Crafting Cousins

So, how is everyone doing? Me… well, I’ve been quite busy to be honest. After the book signing and spending time with family it was decided upon that my cousin, Tina, and I shall indeed start a crafting store where will sell the lovely items we make. And so the work begins. We have begun to create an item inventory list, set up ideas for the holidays, and this weekend the yarn shopping begins! Oh yes, yarn shopping! For any crafters they know the joy of buying the supplies they need. So for me… I get to go to Michael’s and shop, shop, shop! I’ve already stalked, eh hem…scoped out their website for the sale and clearance items. 🙂 But let me first show you a project I’ve already completed and one I’ve started on … Here are some wash clothes and face scrubbers I made with 100% cotton yarn. (Same yarn from my bag I shared recently.) I did

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Gone fishing…

Sunday my hubs and I set out to go fishing at one of the near state parks here in Central Texas. We decided on Inks Lake State Park. We had not been fishing in quite some time so our first stop was for worms! Yes… we ended up with three types of worms. Now I’m not afraid of worms so this was our first “wildlife” of the day, LOL! On the way to Inks Lake we see raccoon, goats, cattle, sheep (with big round horns), and of course the birds! The trip was pleasant and as we came up on the lake I found the view breathtaking. The view was breath taking… leaving me to say to my husband, “Now, I can see some of the beauty of Central Texas.” Because in all honesty I didn’t think it existed! So we go in and get to the pier and find a comfy spot to fish. The nibbles are there and

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A garden in the making…

My husband (Johnny) and I enjoy gardening and eating from it even more, who doesn’t right? Well, over the last four years we have revamped our gardens look many times. I do believe we have now found the fit for us. We now have three 8×4 raised beds and many containers. We plan to make another 8×4 soon. What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg on our containers. This past weekend it was decided we would rebuild our raised beds, building them higher and of course planting. Building them higher was a ploy to keep the dogs out, not sure it worked but the floating row covers do help. Wow, what a task we took on. First, we went and got compost – I could still be sore from that shoveling but who is to say :). Then we gathered all the materials to make the beds the way we wanted, this meant trips to Ace

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Welcome…to Behind The Pages

I welcome you to the page! Hello, glad to have you over. Come sit, grab a drink and let’s chat a bit. I do hope you find this new blog of mine enjoyable. I plan to share things that are behind the pages of my life. That would be the things that I do and learn and whatever else may pop up. I will not post any promotions here – unless I am sharing that I finished a book but sales are not what I am trying to get here. I want to get know you and you to get to know  me, the me that is not on website or social media. I was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and raised in Hinesville, Georgia. I developed a love for nature and the outdoors that pulled me outside every chance I had, while annoying many of my friends in the process. Growing up was difficult for me, I grew up in a

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