Social Phobias

Social phobias are the most common types of phobias, and they are endless. Examples are talking in groups or even starting conversations. Public speaking. Meeting new people. Talking to authority figures. Eating or drinking in front of others. Regular trips out to the stores or banks. Sitting in a classroom. Going to work. Just to name a few. A Social phobia is an intense anxiety of fear of being judged, negatively evaluated, or rejection in a social or performance situation. Have you experienced any of these? For me I have a few experiences but this post is more about being the mom of someone with extreme social phobias. One of my boys is affected by social phobia and anxiety to the point that he was home schooled because going into a classroom became to hard for him. Going to a store and purchasing something on his own was huge step he took when he was 14. Riding transportation to appointments

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Authentic to YOU

Photo credit link   I’ve had it on my mind today to talk about inner peace and how important it is to be true to oneself over anything else and then I saw this graphic (above) and knew this was the topic of the day! My mind never rests… a troublesome thing but I think it keeps me sane. When I woke this morning, the thoughts of how I’ve changed over the last ten years weighed heavily on my soul, the most positive way possible. All my life, I’ve been told what to think, how to feel, how to believe. I’ve rebelled against it all and questioned nearly everything all my life! I was that kid that if you say don’t do it, I did it to spite you! I was always considered trouble and never felt like I belonged. My mother raised me up in four branches of the christian faith all while telling me about the gods and goddesses and incorporating

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Literary Love

This past weekend was the Literary Love Savannah book event in Savannah, GA. This was my first book convention and for three days I was non-stop going and it was a blast. We got into Savannah on Wednesday evening with the activities starting first thing Thursday morning. First, hubs and I took advantage of some free time and walked River Street and getting some dinner. I could give you an hour by hour recall but I’ll give you a brief rundown -2 signings, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 costume ball, and several other things in between. Additionally after each evening we walked several miles along River Street. The best part of all this wasn’t the things we did but the people we spent time with. The readers were the best ever! These readers were friendly and wanted to hear about every story. They wanted to meet the authors and learn about them. They were the most interactive readers I’ve ever

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Respect and Responsibility

I’ve rewritten this post a few times now… hard to decide where to start, so I’m going to try this one more time. Every one is different. We each look different, think different, like different things. This is okay. What I find disturbing is that every day I find people disrespecting one another based on our differences, whether that is skin color, religion, political stance, or something as menial as favorite foods. Here’s the thing… we’ve lost the desire to be respectful in this society. The desire to build each other up. The desire to improve our communities as one. We divide ourselves with labels. Name calling is something I corrected my children on when they were ten… yet, today, I’m finding adults are worse. Not one day in the last seven (just one week) was I able to enjoy social media, the news, or even some music without adults belittling one another for their differences. We as adults are

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Twenty-four… the number of days left in the year. What will you do with 24? Will you do something kind? Will you give to those in need? Will you spend time with friends you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time? Will you see and spend time with family? Twenty-four – three weeks and 3 days until the year is gone to never get the chance to say in “2017 I did this…” What happens if that friend or family member doesn’t get twenty-five? Will you regret not calling them or reaching out? For some there is no twenty-four. For some, there is no one. Don’t let the time run out before you speak or do something kind for someone, be it a stranger, a friend, or a loved one.


Well, America – a new president-elect has been named and this country has lost its mind. Okay, we are NOT all going to be happy, obviously or only one person would’ve gotten votes! But come on, why digress and turn back our society so much. Here is what I have to say about it:   There is NO pure race. There is NO perfect race. There is NO supreme race. Did you get that? Good. There is NO pure religion. There is NO perfect religion. There is NO supreme religion. Did you get that too? Good. So let me make this clear – NO perfect, pure, supreme race or religion exists! NONE. There are bad apples in every bunch no matter what – that doesn’t make an entire crop wrong, bad, poor, stupid or beneath any other! We are HUMANS… that is our race. There are MORE good apples than bad… so let’s help educate the bad, let’s help the ones

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What changes will come?

As I scroll through my newsfeeds on social media I am overwhelmed by the negativity in this year’s election process…not only on the Presidential level. I am always pleased and quite surprised when there is a positive ad and always stop to give it a 👍🏼 Whether we sit behind our screens or look others in the face, please let us remember we all need to respect one another! Tomorrow the country makes a great choice – whether we like who will win or not, that will be our next Commander in Chief. We need to remember the lessons taught to us as children = respect others, treat others the way you want to be treated, and use nice words. This election process has completely made me ashamed of so may Americans – family, friends, and strangers have disgraced one another and torn each other apart… all over the way we want our country to become. Do you really want

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