About Me

The woman behind the pages...

Cheryllynn's vivid imagination comes through in all she does in life. Her writing started in junior high, although she never truly shared her work until the mid 2000s. They were kept hidden away in an old tattered orange folder. Original works she wrote as early as 1984 still hold ink on the pages and are just now coming to life. Paranormal and Fantasy are her favorite genres with Mystery and Thrillers close behind.

Born in Northwest Florida and raised in Southeast Georgia she developed a love for nature and the outdoors. Her experiences outdoors allows her to create universes with vivid detail. After a detour of almost twenty years in the health care industry and obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration/Healthcare Information Systems she has returned to her love of writing.

Currently living in Central Texas with her family, she has begun a new chapter in life that has opened her heart and soul to many great adventures. 


Her hobbies include fishing, crochet, gardening, a variety of crafts, binge watching television shows...and of course reading.


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The Rest of My World

Bryant Commons Park

In late 2017, spent three weeks back home in Hinesville. On one of my outings I went to Bryant Commons Park and took some photos. This is one of my favorites. I love these old mossy oaks! 

Costume Ball

At the Literary Love Savannah, I sponsored a table at the ball. My costume was a fortune teller! Had lots of fun talking with readers and eating good food. 

Rock Hounding

While this is a hobby I have not participated in in quite some time, I will say it is one of my favorites. I get to dig in the dirt and find treasures like this beautiful stone here!

Nyx, The Princess Pit

I have a huge love for animals and this little beauty nearly stole my heart right away. She has challenged us at every corner but she is definitely part of the family.

The man who changed me.

This right here is the man who refused to let me go, refused to let me quit, and loved me unconditionally from almost day one! My husband, my soulmate, my forever. Johnny. 


Holidays and Family! While not all my family is here local with me, those who are do try and get together often and celebrate!

The fur babies who have gone on...


01/02/2009 - 02/28/2016


01/02/2009 - 11/09/2016


02/08/2009 - 01/06/2017