BETA Readers

Thank you for joining my BETA Reader Group!

Whenever I have a new book coming out, I’ll send out an email with the book information to see who is interested in the story and let you choose whether to BETA read or not! I will send the blurb (short description of the book) and the approximate word count. There will be a sign-up form for in each book announcement to let me know you’re interested!

Typically, I ask my BETA readers to give general feedback about the story and storyline, what more they’d like to read about, and any suggestions they have to offer. Usually, my readers get the versions between the 2nd draft and the final edited version so there will be grammar issues found. Once I get all feedback from you, my BETA, readers then I go in and see what suggestions I want to implement and add to the story.

I ask for a two-week turn around time frame if a reader needs more then just let me know.

So glad to have you aboard! Happy Reading!