Every Path is Different

My path in life has been like a zig zag roller coaster… especially in my faith. I struggled all my life with religion because I never felt as though I was at home or belonged. Early on in my teens, I discovered things like paganism and witchcraft and while I never claimed those labels I did practice it.

About eleven years ago, I finally walked away organized religion. I quit hiding behind what everyone else wanted and put my soul at ease.

I am a pagan and I practice witchcraft. My kids were raised up in religion but I intertwined my beliefs into their daily lives and they never realized it. Crystals, moon therapy, playing in the rain and loving nature… Talking about spirits and talking to them as well as candles and oils. When it was thundering…I always said the gods were fighting. It was the little things but they were there.

Today, I acknowledge the goddesses and god I follow… many I have felt a connection with and more I want to discover. The job of my higher beings are that to me they are within me and next to me… never above me to be feared.

Cybele (Gaia) called to me in a vision/dream. She wrapped her arms around me and held me when I was hurting emotionally. That is when I knew the path I was on was the right one. About a week later…I had one where I called Odin’s name three times before I woke up. I’m a lover of the moon as well…so I’ve been learning about Selene. All my life I’ve had a darker side to me that has allowed me to survive many unthinkables…so I’ve started to embrace Lilith as well. As a Gemini I believe in balance so between Gaia and Lilith I feel most balanced.

Balance is key to me I am a believe in threes… the triple goddess who lives in the three phases of a woman’s life…

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Talk to me.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.