The chaos that ensued

We all have heard of the COVID-19 by now… it’s effecting every part of all our lives. From our daily routines to our special events.

What are you doing to get by?

Currently, I’m stuck in a hotel room. I traveled with hubs on a business trip and the world has a pandemic! Go Figure, right! **sarcasm at its best**

Well, to pass my time, I’ve been planning out my next series and working on plots and characters for each. I was originally tryin to write the second book in a series I started in December but no matter what I can’t get the creative juices flowing for it. So… I put it aside. The next book due out is in September, so I have time to wrangle the muses.

BUT for sanity’s sake… give your creative ideas on how to widdle away the time without going insane?

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.