Staying healthy in a pandemic

Whew, what a topic… right! Well, let me tell you that staying healthy is more than eating good. Its also abut mental health. So, let me tell you what I am doing and hopefully it will help you.

Physical health wile in a pandemic is hard enough but I’m currently living in a hotel. Hubs is on a work trip that should last another two weeks’ish… so we have had the not so fun pleasure of not being home. Our resources have become even more limited with out situation. He is still working – 6 days a week. We go about every other day or so to gather food that is cooked for us and get the things we need.

The gym in the hotel is closed but there is not much in there I can get on anyway with my back problems so we both figured some light yoga is best for me. I’ve started that today. That will be my exercise and when I get home we have some equipment I can use that I will be more active on.

There are plenty of free apps on our phones that we can download and use. I highly suggest doing so. Games, exercises, puzzles.

Social distancing of 6 feet means you can go in your yard and play around; go for a walk or run (if that is your thing)… just keep your distance and give everyone space.

We’ve had to do some shopping (a necessity sadly) and people are pretty much doing what they are supposed to. Using wipes to wipe down carts and their hands, giving each other space in the aisles, and not touching people.

Try and eat as best as you can but remember to not over indulge… eating too much is as bad as not eating enough (which is a problem I have).

and please, for the love of all things… wash your hands and clean!!!!

Mental health is something else to consider during this time. We are such a social people that this time of isolation may really stir up some internal issues. My suggestions are simple…

Make a cup of something, sit down and call a friend – use Skype or FaceTime if you have it.

Adopt a shelter pet. They need love too and what better time to introduce a new animal to your home than when youa re going to be there the most.

Find a comfy spot and curl up with a new read. Tons of authors are offering up their books for free right now.

Watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see.

Check out some of the many museums offering virtual tours.

Write a letter.

Just because we are in isolation does not mean we are completely alone. Be creative and find things to do and ways to stay in touch with others. As with all things, this virus shall too pass and we will come out better as humans. The Earth is healing in our time of isolation…take this opportunity for yourself to heal as well.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.