The struggles in today’s world with self-esteem seem endless. In the article , Society and its Effect of Self Esteem, write Kayla Zarate wrote “Society surrounds us. It’s the people in our classroom, family at home, strangers on the street. It’s our lives as they pass us by. It’s everything in the world. Most importantly, it’s a monster. People struggle to become what society depicts as “beautiful” when true beauty actually lies within. Society’s image of what is beautiful and what isn’t is the cause of many low self-esteems and negative self-images when they could be positive and confident.”

Girls and Boys alike are given outrageous examples to strive towards. I, myself, was treated as if I were fat growing up. I am five foot three inches and at that time weighed one hundred and five pounds. I was told I was getting fat and that no one wanted a fat girl. I was called ‘thunder thighs’ because I’m built with thicker thighs than the other girls in my family. No amount of exercise got rid of them! And, I did exercise. At 15, I was doing aerobics, swimming and very active outside of the home. I didn’t lay around doing nothing ever.

So, what we need is for society to change the way it says we should look. Slowly I’ve seen more average sized and plus sized women in clothing adverts. I’ve seen less muscular men in them as well. Having a realistic outlook on what we should look like can help save thousands from the damage being done to their self-esteem. Those who skip meals or regurgitate them. Those who take more supplements and over-work their bodies to fit a mold that most will never achieve.

So the next time you see a kid or any person for that matter… consider what words you use with them. Consider how it might make them feel. Don’t tease them. Don’t ridicule them. Let them know that no matter how they physically that they are beautiful. Because at the end of the day, who is to say what beauty is.

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