What better day to talk about fear than Friday the 13th. A day that overtime has become fearful to many. Fear is defined as… an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Now in that definition nowhere was it described as logical. Keep that in mind as we discuss the top common and uncommon fears.

Starting with the least common fears. We have:

1- Alektorophobia – fear of chickens

2-Metrophobia – fear of poetry or rhyming verse

3-Ephebiphobia – fear of youths

4-Ergasiophobia – fear of work

5-Optophobia – fear of opening one’s eyes

6-Neophobia – fear of newness

7-Anthrophobia – fear of flowers

8-Pteronophobia – fear of being tickled by feathers

9-Vestiphobia -fear of clothing

10- Phronemophobia – fear of thinking

As you look at that list, do you know anyone with any of those fears? I couldn’t imagine living with any of them. To think of being afraid of opening your eyes or being afraid of clothes?

Next up is the 10 most common fears

1- Glossophobia – fear of public speaking

2-Necrophobia- fear of death

3-Arachnophobia-fear of spiders

4-Achluophobia – fear of darkness

5-Acrophobia – fear of heights

6-Sociophobia – fear of people or social situations

7-Aerophobia – fear of flying

8-Claustrophobia- fear of confined spaces

9- Agoraphobia- fear of open spaces or not being able to escape

10- Astraphobia-fear of thunder and lightening

In the more common fears.. I have 2.5 of them. I am fearful of spiders… but lately I have been working hard on this making myself to cam down when I see them and ty to save them. Its a long process but it has helped me a great amount. One day, I won’t be afraid anymore.

The next fear I have is claustrophobia. As a child I was locked in closets and put in the dark (which will lead to the .5 fear in a bit). Tunnels are torturous! Being in a crowd is hard for me and not being able to find ‘a way out’ sets in the panic for me! Stores with aisles too close or crowded are things that make me second guess my path around the venue.

The .5 fear is achluophobia – fear of darkness. Everywhere I go and stay I always have a type of nightlight available. I cannot be in total darkness. When I find myself in those rare situations I have to work to keep control and not panic. Sadly, it doesn’t always work.

For years, I couldn’t figure out why I had the claustrophobic and achluophobic issues. Then one day my best friend was visiting and causally asked if I really didn’t know. Apparently I had blocked out the abuse of growing up… the part where my mother locked me in dark closets until she felt I was able to get along with her husband. Once my friend and I spoke… the weeks passed and memories came to the surface. Now, I am working on these fears but I do not think I will ever overcome them fully.

What fears do you have? Have you managed to overcome any in the past or are you working to overcome them now? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.