BOOK REVIEW: Hattie’s Spirit by MK Mancos

For Kara St. Ives, seeing and hearing the dead is all part of the daily grind. A deathbed promise to her Aunt Hattie has Kara traveling to the town of Cooper’s Mill, North Carolina to right a wrong sixty years and hundreds of miles away. Add to that the fact even as a vocal ghost, Hattie isn’t divulging the reasons for her exile from her hometown, and it’s one big mystery that will take a whole lot of patience and a little dash of magic to solve. Now, if the sexy local preacher, Roth Andrews, would stop interfering, Kara might be able to put Hattie’s spirit to rest for good.

This is not my first book from Mancos. She has impressed upon me with her ability to pull me into the story without me even realizing it. Fantasy and Paranormal are my thing, so how can I go wrong.

Her character development is on point – I mean you can see the growth as if you are there living in the story with the characters. Set in today’s time, Hattie makes Kara work to solve a mystery BUT Mancos adds in her own flavor and makes you want to solve it as well!

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good ghost story, sprinkled with romance, and a cast of great characters!

I’d say go on over to Amazon and get your copy now!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.