Don’t wear gold…

I don’t wear gold… but I did and I am again.

Here is a little background. Growing up I wore gold all the time, along with all the other popular metals. When did that change? Well, I left my second husband in 2001 and until recently (like this week) I never wore anything with gold without hatred filled in my heart.

Until last year, I didn’t realize I had made this subconscious decision. I had to really think about the last time I wore gold or diamonds. I twas when I gave my second husband his last goodbye. I pulled away with my boys and mother in my van and drove off to a new future.

A guy I dated for nearly 9 years, gave me an engagment ring that was silver and gold mixed… I hated that ring. It angered me cause he knew I didn’t want gold. That is the about the face of that relationship and a good example of why it didn’t work.

My mother passed away in 2004, and I am still going through things that were passed on to me. Inside her belongings were some rings. One of those rings was my father’s wedding ring.

This week… 19 years later, I gladly put on a gold ring. A ring that symbolized something to my father, a man I didn’t get to know. A ring that now sits on my thumb and gives me a reminder of love that was lost at the side of the road of life. It reminds me that change and growth happens. It happens daily. Struggles and growth define life.

It’s how you overcome it all that makes the difference. I wear it as inspiration. I wear it as that reminder.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.