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Amdris will do whatever it takes to become queen of the night society and protect her new family. She proved that during the holiday season when she killed her rivals without a second thought. Now the continuum will see that she will not stand idly by, but will they accept her as one of their own?


As the blood infused with her magic, the blood union completed. Amdris’ mind swirled as she heard the Dark Mother speak to her, telling her the foretold blood union had truly happened. When she opened her eyes, she could see more clearly than ever before. The colors of the gowns the women wore shone brightly, with a clarity she had never known. The sounds were louder and sharper as the guests clapped and welcomed her in. Her skin tingled as the air moved alongside it when she moved to greet the guests. But with all the changes, the one that stood out the most was her ability to detect scents. 

There was one so sweet and intoxicating that Amdris could not resist. Slowly she scanned those around her until her eyes fell upon Drake. He reached out a hand, taking hers slowly to his mouth. When he laid a gentle kiss upon her and she knew then that the scent she sought was his. Her skin tingled as his lips touched her hand. The air shimmered so slightly that any average human would not have noticed. A server removed the glass from her hand, allowing Drake to pull her in with a hand on her waist and the other hand took her free hand as the music started to play. Piano music bounced off the walls as Drake led Amdris in a traditional dance that dated back hundreds of years. 

When their eyes locked, Drake spoke to her. “This is now your home, you my queen, and me your king. But only in formal settings will we use those titles. You have much to learn about my world, our world. Try not to get overwhelmed.”

Never once did the woman blink, even when she responded. “I’m a quick learner. I know this new part of my life will be home, forever.”

When the music ended, Drake and Amdris separated. Holding only a hand together, they both bowed and curtsied to their audience, respectively. Over the rest of the ball, the number of people who wanted to introduce themselves to her truly overwhelmed Amdris. During this time, she took another wine glass, actually filled with wine this time, and cast a memory spell so she would forget no one’s names. The glass in her left hand, Amdris dipped her right pinky into the red liquid before letting it circle along the rim. Much to know, much to gain, Let it all keep in my brain. Names and stations, dates and couples, as the space of memory doubles. Her spell made sure she remembered every detail of the night, even those she did not pay attention too.

Taking in her new abilities, Amdris noticed that each person had their own scent. As in witchcraft, the aura spoke worlds to the witches as did the scent of those she met spoke worlds to her new night side. Nearing midnight, Amdris felt a sudden drain of energy. Tapping Drake lightly on his arm, the man turned and could see his new queen was waning. He nodded to a servant who quickly jumped to the woman’s side. As she began to lead her away she heard Drake say, “Good night my Queen.”

With all the magic that she had used that day, and the mixing of the power that came with this new life, Amdris’ body fell into a deep slumber the moment her head touched the pillow. When she woke, the woman laid there remembering everything that had taken place. Glancing around, Amdris noted that all the heightened senses she had experienced before were still in place, gifts she would surely use to her benefit. 

The door to her room slid open and a man peered inside, “Oh good. I was wondering when you’d wake.”

“When I’d wake? It’s only morning.” The witch noted the man’s appearance as she rubbed her eyes. He was young but held himself with a much older stance. His hair was dark blonde and pulled back into one of those silly man buns while his dark blue eyes stood out against his pale skin. She wondered if he was also part of this new world she now belonged to. 

“Yes, but you’ve been asleep for two days. Tonight is the full moon and we need to prepare for the ceremony.”

Amdris sat up quickly, “Two days?”

“Yes ma’am. Now, I’ll draw you a bath and get the kitchen staff to prepare your breakfast. I’ve already had your gown prepared. I only need to know what type of flowers you’d like in your crown.”

Amdris thought for a moment, then stood to stretch. “For breakfast, can I have just some fruit? And for my crown, I’d prefer dark red roses.”

“Yes ma’am. Be back with your breakfast shortly.” He turned to leave but stopped when Amdris spoke again.

“What is your name?”

“Kellan, ma’am.”

“Will you always be the one to take care of me?” 

“Well, I am one of three who will always be here. There is also Phillip and Heather.”

Amdris thought a moment as she headed towards the large bathroom. Turning in the doorway, she looked at him before saying, “Thank you Kellan.”

Kellan turned to leave as Amdris turned towards the large marble tub that sat in the middle of the room. Dipping her hand in to feel the water, she noticed the herbs and flower petals that floated around. The room filled with the scent of roses while two large fluffy towels sat waiting for her to use on a short side table alongside a glass of wine. Candles of every size came to life when she touched the water and the witch was thankful for magic in the world and her ability to manipulate it. The room was lit with the flicker of the flames as she slowly lowered herself into the tub. Her body melted into the hot water that relaxed her even more. Closing her eyes, she let herself slide under the water and cover her fully. 

Only when she had finished washing and the water turned cold, did Amdris pull herself from the tub. Thinking to herself, about the day ahead of her she knew that not only was she on the path of fate but also on a path she desired. Amdris would be the Blood Queen of the Night Society and ready to start her new life. 

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