BOOK REVIEW: Autumn Lady bpy AnneMarie Dapp

Mara McClain is a young Irish immigrant looking to begin anew in Victorian-era San Francisco, after the California Gold Rush. She struggles for both love and independence, as a budding businesswoman in a male-dominated society. 

Set amid the fascinating backdrop of San Francisco’s Golden Age, Autumn Lady draws from an eclectic cast of characters, both historical and original. It’s an idiosyncratic journey through the highs and lows, ballrooms and back rooms, alleys and the promenades, and the enchantment and viciousness, of an American city on the brink of a new era. 

Autumn Lady is not just the story of Mara McClain, it is the story of both a woman and a city coming of age in one of America’s most exciting historical periods.

In all honesty, historical romance is usually not my thing. This book was gifted to at an event and was quite surprised.

Dapp created a world you’d gladly jump into. Emotions range the spectrum and you feel what the characters feel. You feel the wind when it blows and the hear the rain hitting the windows. The storyline is very accurate to the era and location.

If Historial Romance is your genre, I’d highly recommend this book to you. Then again, if its not, I’d still recommend it to you!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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