A short to share

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote this piece but thought I’d share it here… I hope you enjoy it.

The Darkness

Rain fell against the tin roof as the heavens battled above. Lightning flashed and thunder roared as the night fell away and the morning drew near.  The witching hour was almost upon her as her dreams twisted into terrors. 

Running through the woods, chased by a darkness with no body, no shape or indication of life. Dread filled her as the presence grew near. The forest thick, making progress slow as her body scraped against the brush trying to hold on to her, to keep her from running. 

A large oak tree stood only yards away, but her dress had snagged on some briars and did all it could to maintain its hold on her there. The cotton gown twisted into the thorns and tore as she pulled herself free to find safety behind the giant oak.

Her breath struggled to come to her as her lungs screamed from the running. Rain drenched her body; she began to shiver from the cold. There was no moonlight on this stormy night.  She would get glimpses of her surroundings when the lightning flashed over casting shadows in every direction. The gnarled limbs of the oak stretched out like hands reaching for its prey.

With hands on knees as she worked to catch her breath, she could feel the darkness draw closer. Dread fell over her and fear worked its way through her as she felt the presence on the other side of the oak. Her body shivered as she hugged closer to her only sanctuary. The darkness swallowed the tree and surrounded her. She was found and lost all at once. 

Fear had warped her sense of reality as she was pulled under. The world twisted and vanished into complete blackness. The sounds of the storm drifted away until there was nothing. No lights. No sound. Only darkness.

Her body jerked in her bed as she woke in a start. Her head covered in sweat. The sound of rain and thunder outside. She slowly looked around and as the lightning flashed the darkness stood at the end of her bed wearing a menacing smile with dark red eyes. Her dream was a warning as the darkness came to claim her. 

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