Is this the end?

The Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn began five years ago today with A Witch’s Dream World. The world met a feisty young woman who was thrown into a world of magic she knew nothing about and was in love.

Since then five books have come out and Elizabeth has endured everything from love to betrayal to murder! What is next for her in Saving Stephon?

Elizabeth must go into the realm of the dead to save her uncle whom everyone thought had been dead since he was two. But of course, like everything else in the witches life, there’s a catch or two! She must die to enter the realm and trust her brother to help her come back! 

Will Elizabeth be able to put her life in Jeremy’s hands to save their uncle and reunite him with his family? 
Will this be the final piece of the prophecy to fulfill, or will Elizabeth find herself needing to do more?

In mere weeks, the next installment will be in readers hands… Are you ready?

Get started today on the series with A Witch’s Dream World and reserve your copy of Saving Stephon now!

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