New Release: Atlantic Island Universe Anthology

Atlantic Island Universe Anthology

These short stories build on Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Trilogy (re-releasing now) but introduce new characters and elements. Each story sets the stage for full-length novels releasing in 2020. The Atlantic Island Universe includes time travel, friendships, secrets, romance, betrayals, and even a rescued puppy named Maya. Now is the TIME to join this sci-fi fantasy adventure!

Mosaics: Shattered by Dawn Dagger
A high school student in the near future has his difficult life turned upside down when a young woman appears out of nowhere and asks him to help save the world.

Odyssey: The Fated Ones by AJ Kurtz
A woman recovering from a breakup with her girlfriend begins to travel in her dreams. She attracts the attention of the MMEA, and learns there might be more to the breakup than she realized.

Manifest Destiny by LaLa Leo
A secret research base below Atlantic Island holds survivors of the Event. Trapped for months in their watery prison, the residents of the Ophiuchus must decide if the greatest threat is to leave or stay.

The Guardian: Reflections by Rennie St. James
A young man returns from Atlantic Island, but his memories won’t fade and he can’t readjust to normal life. He learns the answers he seeks may be hidden in the ruins of the Maya civilization.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.