EOYR: Favoritism

EOYR= End of Year Rant

Favoritism… is something that should be shown for things like foods, colors, vehicles, cities…NOT children or family!

All my years, I’ve seen people show favoritism between family members and even their own kids. Hell, my own mother showed favoritism for my younger brother creating an environment of insecurity and uncertainty.

I left home at 17 and even though that was more than 30 years ago…that level of insecurity of not being enough sits on my shoulder as a demon speaking words of doubt into my ears. This was the first cycle I swore to break with my own kids. When asked who my favorite is… I answer Nyx (my dog) because I will NEVER pick a favorite nor show favoritism. Each child was treated differently according to what they needed but not once was one given more than another.

As a mom of 3 with 4 bonus children… I do the same today as I did when my own were small.

Don’t create a crater of doubt or self-worth within your child because you show favoritism for another one of your children. That stays with them all their lives and torments them in every relationship they enter.

One day that child you set aside will set you aside, and then how will you feel.

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