EYOR: Violence

EOYR= End of Year Rant

This week alone there has been two shootings on military bases in the US. I can’t even find the stats to find other gun events currently but its become all to common to read, hear about, and endure!

Listen…this is NOT about politics, religion, or culture. This is about a society who needs access to more mental health care and no stigma to go with it!

Do we need smarter laws about firearms, of course…I will never not say we don’t but I won’t say that taking away firearms is the answer. I say people need to be educated about the signs and warnings of distress calls. People need to speak up and not be afraid!

How many children, women, men, ANY AGE… have to die or endure such tragedies before we as a people stand up and say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Don’t bring religion into this either… If you follow the news many of those committing these atrocities are from a religious background. So no ones God is going to cure any of this!

Tell your solutions and thoughts… we need to start spreading ideas.

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