BOOK REVIEW: Azimuth by Rennie St James


(The Rahki Chronicles Book 1)

Trapped in an office job, Mia Rayner dreamed of adventure.

And then it came true.

When she finds the body of her Gypsy teacher, Mia’s life will shift into a blur of martial arts, mythology, and murder. Taught by the enigmatic Cayden Jodhani, she’ll learn the warrior’s path in a Rahki world where magic hangs heavy between Mia and her destiny. With a young orphan by her side, Mia will have to fight to earn her place as a guardian protector.  Ancient prophecies claim she and the gifted child are destined to save mankind; Mia is more worried about saving them from the next attempt on their lives.

However, some epic journeys do start with a stumble.

Rennie St James has a subtle way of writing that draws you in without you even realizing. It was like watching my favorite show on television and before you know the season was over… I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this book. Azimuth is well written and very realistic.

The characters are believable. The society she creates is believable. Its not fast paced but a steady paced book that let me enjoy every word without missing a detail. St James can write a fight scene! Her attention to detail within the fight scenes shows off her knowledge of the skills used. Her ability to to make the words come alive is fantastic…ready for book two!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a mix of urban fantasy and mythology!

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