Author events…for readers

I’ve been a published author for just over seven years now. During this time I’ve attended many events as a signing author.  Some events were good, some great, and some…well, I won’t attend those anymore.

Pro’s to going to a one day signing – no hotel costs. That really is it.

Con’s – you don’t get any significant quality time with the readers! I mean, isn’t that what these things should be about after all. Readers are what make our industry flourish! If the readers don’t know us then how are they gonna want to buy from us, not just once but all the time forever…

As an author, I’ve learned a great many lessons BUT the most valuable is creating relationships with readers. Sitting behind a table for four hours while readers peruse the selections is not getting to know them. I want to sit and talk with them over a meal or drinks. Enjoy a party with them that they wanted to come to and have fun.

There is one event I’ve attended that really gives me all this and more, Literary Love Savannah (LLS). We have four meals we sit with readers and enjoy. The readers choose the table I am sponsoring so for that hour, they are mine! That sounded ominous but seriously, what better way to get to know someone than over a meal and if there is no chemistry you can sit quietly and eat!

LLS also has themed parties and mini events along with panels all weekend long. Starting on Thursday all the way to Sunday morning. There is never a lull in that schedule! From meals to balls to author panels and so much more.

When there is time in the schedule we, authors, get to schedule ‘experiences’ with the readers. The readers choose which experience they want (within the limited space) and also gets to meet and spend time with the author sponsoring. Last year I did several. I had a lunch with a blogger for an interview. I had dinner with three readers that as split with another author. There was also drinks and appetizers with another reader. I meet so many new readers each year that end up being my readers, if they weren’t already, and they stay in touch and follow me.

Things I’ve gained from LLS – BETA readers, friends, dedicated readers who literally have bought everything I put out…right down to my cookbook!

But I’ve gained more than just a few sales from this event… I have gained a supportive family that remains!

So if you are an author looking for a 5 start hotel venue with readers as the focus… I highly suggest Literary Love Savannah for your schedule!

If you’re still unsure, contact me!

AND if you are a reader… tell me that you are going to be there!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.