An unpopular opinion

While. the country mourns for the losses from our most recent mass shootings, I see people sending prayers and thoughts.

Here is where the unpopular opinion will come in – prayers and thoughts will do no one any good but the person sending them and usually even then its not done.

Prayers and thoughts won’t stop the madness infecting our countrymen who think it’s okay to take out their frustrations by pulling triggers and killing people.

Prayers and thoughts won’t bring back a single soul who was taken from this world and sent on their next journey.

Prayers and thoughts won’t change the laws or the mindset of our politicians.

What we need is civil action – NON VIOLENT responses but in your face responses. Want to make a change – think of solutions. Whether you blog about it, write your politicians, have a sit-in, or a rally – get the attention of those who can make the changes by listening to the people they work for.

I’m all for having guns – handguns, rifles, and shotguns BUT I am NOT for any gun that is able to put out rapid fire in seconds – those are military weapons and should be kept as such. Walking around with a gun on your hip won’t change what another person decides to do.

Support mental health coverage, support against bullying!

DO NOT support hate, racism, or anything that alienates someone due to their differences.

Our society needs to learn respect and restraint. Just because someone got their feelings hurt or feel that something or someone isn’t right is NOT a reason to go on a killing spree.

If you THINK or HEAR or SEE anyone behaving in such a manner that would be interpreted as dangerous to themselves or society – DO NOT HESITATE to call for help! I’d rather there be a hundred extra not needed calls for help then missing the one who really did need it and went out and killed 20 people.

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4 thoughts on “An unpopular opinion

  1. It’s a horrible state that we are in as a society where people can just send thoughts and prayers until the next tragic event without taking real action in the real world.


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