Pain vs. Love

A lesson I learned in my life is that through all the pain we must discover why life is still precious. At each stage of my life, I did this. It’s the only thing that kept me going to be quite honest. When I tell people the story of my life they ask, how did you stay sane? I only reply, to be honest I have no idea. Three of my kids know about 80% of what I went through and I think that is one of the reason they respect me so much. I took that pain and turned it into love and determination to do better and be better than those before me. I made sure to break as many cycles as I was able to in order to not pass those onto my children.

Pain is different for everyone – whether its inflicted from our parents or friends or the one we love…it happens. It’s what we do with that pain that makes the difference! Take that pain and turn it around for yourselves. Create an environment that is positive and loving and deflects pain and creates a sense of peace for YOU!

Take a moment, breathe in deep and slowly release it. Look around at all the beauty in the world that you have at your fingertips…its there if you just take the time to see it. Let that beauty soak in as joy into your heart. That joy will be what you feed from.

Here is a poem I wrote about Pain and life.


The darkness of the night is brighter than the pain of the soul

You close your eyes and see nothing

No joy, no happiness, no pleasure

Walking lost through the darkness, you can not find your way

Seeing nothing, feeling nothing you just exist…..

Existing is not living~

To live you must open your eyes and see the world in front of you

Take the moment and breathe it in

Allow your soul to awaken and become vibrant with all life can give you

All you have to do is be willing to accept

be willing to try and take that step

See the love that flows like a river around you

Feel the kindness that floats about like the clouds in the sky

Open yourself and live


Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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