Be a beautiful soul…

In our everyday lives we do things that we may not realize. Hurtful things to others without even thinking. Have you ever said there was a job you would not do? Or you won’t sit by someone in a business because they look sketchy or untrusting? Every made fun of someone cause of the way they looked or something was different about them?

Those are the things that are hurtful. One person is only better than another if their soul is more loving, forgiving, and accepting. For NO other reason is one person better than another. No two people are identical. I recently posted about conformity almost killing my soul – and then we have those who “make fun of” others for not being like them. We ARE all on different paths with different goals.

Always remember that the person next to you is a human, just like you!

I remember as a pre-teen there was a guy who bullied me for being “poor” and even went as far one day as throwing trash from a dumpster on me.

Several years later I had grown into a beautiful young woman and ran across him again. I reminded him who I was and he had the nerve to say to me, “If I’d known you’d turn out so beautiful I’d never had done that.” My reply to him, “You showed your true colors and I’d never want to be associated with someone so ugly inside. You missed out on a lot!”

That was just one instance of torment… many others can be recalled from those around me who tormented me with racial slurs because I dated and married outside of my race. As I look back and recall each one, I remember that I am a better person for all they did. It strengthened my soul and showed me how cruel the world could be. Made me teach my children that being opened minded is so important. Being open about ALL differences – beliefs, looks, social stations, rich or poor, city or country – we are all the same and should treat others with the same level of respect we want to be treated with! Always strive to be a beautiful soul.

Not long ago, I wrote a poem with the same sentiment. I’d like to share that now!

My God is peaceful, Therefore I shall be

I respect that you are different.

I respect that you choose a different way of life.

I respect that you do not believe as I do.

Why? Because my God is peaceful, therefore so shall I be.

I will not get angry when you choose a path in life different than I believe.

I will not yell or say hateful things when you behave unacceptably to my beliefs.

I will not turn away from you when you do believe in my God.

Why? Because my God is peaceful, therefore so shall I be.

I will not be hurt when you say I’m loving him wrong.

I will not be hurt when you tell me I should do things differently.

I will not be hurt when you say I am damned for walking a different path.

I will not be hurt when you walk away from me.

Why? Because my God is peaceful, therefore so shall I be.

Under the armor of our skin, do our bodies not contain the same things?

Do we all not bleed the same?

Do we all not essentially function the same?

When I wake, is it not the same sun the brightens both our skies?

When I lay down is it not the same moon that reflects upon our nights?

We are of the same world even if we are not of the same thoughts and beliefs.

When my energy is returned to the world and my body returns to the earth.

I will be remembered for my understanding and respect of the differences of others.

Why? Because my God is peaceful, therefore so shall I be.

Written 12/6/2015

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.