This journey of life…

Over the last ten years or so I’ve slowly noticed numbness and tingling happening more and more in my legs and now in my arms. I just never paid much attention to it until a few years ago when I was sent to a neurologist over it. I was quickly diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy of no known cause. I’ve now been tested for diabetes three times and its not that.

Last month I had an extensive appointment with a new neurologist and he discovered that I also have muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone on my right side extremities. (I’m right handed and this immediately alarmed me) Discerning to say the least and I didn’t want to believe the doctor. So that afternoon I went to the store to test the theory that my right hand was NOT weaker than my left and sadly it was proven to be true after trying to open several different types of drinking containers. You never realize some things are happening to your body slowly over time until its pointed out to you. He (the dr) ordered a ton of blood work and upper extremities nerve testing. The nerve tests found nothing wrong from the shoulders down the arms so we are still at ground zero with any conclusive diagnosis. I have until my next appointment to find out my bloodwork results.

All while that is happening I have seen pain management for chronic low back pain due to SI joint inflammation and a bulging disc. That specialist immediately saw the muscle weakness during her exam but had no suggestions as to the cause either. I have had an MRI ordered and am waiting to get that scheduled now.

Each day I try to pay attention more and more to the things my body has been screaming at me for years and it’s scary as hell when you don’t know things are happening. Muscle spasms, weakness, tinging, and numbness is just frightening at the end of the day. My physical activity over the last years has slumped and now I may know why… My husband and I recently purchased a 3-n-1 hybrid stationary bike/elliptical so that I can get some exercise in the comfort of our home and at my pace.

This is the journey I’m on as a neurology adventure. I am not able to sit comfortably for more than ten minutes, stand for more than 5 in one spot, and walking becomes excruciating after about twenty minutes. The doctors started me on a new medication to help with peripheral neuropathy and low back pain along with lidocaine patches to give some relief. I can’t open some containers anymore and require more assistance than I ever like to ask for.

All in all, we have zero ideas what is happening or why and hope that eventually some test will be all revealing to us.

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