What’s happening with me?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you online and in person events where I’ll be appearing. I have such a busy schedule coming up that some days I get distracted when trying to organize myself.

In the next three months, I have an overwhelming schedule ahead of me.

Today, I’m going to share about the first two events…

On March21st, I will be taking over in Literary Love: Authors Rock Savannah at 1pm CST introducing myself to readers and talking about my work in general with them.

Then in the Fantasy Sci-Fi Readers Lounge at 3pm CST for an hour. The theme for that event is Fae/Fairy. I will be showing off my favorite fairy, Jewel, from The Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn.



(Two events in one day, I must be either crazy or very bold)

You may wonder why I do so many online and in-person events…Well, the quick answer is because people need to see my name! (Chuckles softly in the background)

The long answer is that in order for me to reach new readers and let them get to know me, I have to have a presence and this is how I do that. This year things have changed a lot for me. Two of my big events were canceled and my schedule was thrown into chaos. So I took up arms, did a little magic and voila … you’ll see me in some new places.

Okay, so maybe not really magic but I did join some great events online that allow me to be present without having to physically travel or spend a great amount of money. Not spending extra money is important since the two events that were canceled haven’t reimbursed the authors yet, we are out that money as of now. With nearly $500 lost to me, I need to discover ways to meet new readers.

The coordinator of Literary Love: Authors Rock Savannah wanted the readers to meet the authors that will be attending the event in July. This gives readers an inside look at the authors and their work BEFORE they get to see us in Savannah. Nothing like a little online window shopping to see if a book or author is a good match for you!

In the Fantasy Sci-Fi Readers Lounge, we have themed week takeovers from Wed-Sat every week so readers can meet the member authors and their works according to their genres and what the readers want to see. It’s also nice for us authors to find new to us authors and genres we may enjoy too!

With all the new connections I’ve made and all the free time that suddenly came up, I’ve been invited to more and more online events…so why not do them and have fun! I hope to see you at some of the events where I’ll be! If you do come, stop by…introduce yourself…I’d love to meet ya!

Now, along with all these things happening I still have books to write, edit, book covers to design or approve, format, and publish! Whew, that was exhausting just thinking about it.

If you want to skip the posts about each event you can always click on the Connect page and see exactly where I'll be. I'll keep it up to date for all online and in-person events :)

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.