BOOK REVIEW: The Inheritance, Tales of an Elemental Witch by D. Michele Robbearts

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The Inheritance

Tales of an Elemental Witch


Descending from Merlin, Avalon Rhodes is about to get a birthday present she could never imagine. Nearly a year ago, her mother died unexpectedly and yet today for her eighteenth birthday is a gift from the woman she misses so dearly, an inheritance she didn’t know existed. Ava has no idea how this gift will change her life and set her on a course of self-discovery and acceptance. Her father and one of her mother’s closet friends have sworn to support and guide her. Will Avalon accept her inheritance? Can she undo the darkness her mother created?



My review: As the debut novella for this author, Robbearts did a great job creating a foundation for a series that will surely keep you drawn in!

Very creative and unique! Her characters are believable and the world building realistic. I’m very eager to see what is next in store for Ava!

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Robbearts has put her debut novel in the Kindle Unlimited feature on Amazon. So for those subscribers, you can get the book for free! Otherwise, you can pick up your copy for $2.99 for the eBook! Enjoy! Get your copy on Amazon today!

Personal note: I have to brag just a little bit about this cover! It’s gorgeous but I’m a bit biased since I designed it. The graphics used are from Pixabay (a great source for amazing imaged to work with)

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.