Awakening Fate

AF ebook

Awakening Fate is the fourth book in The Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn series and is now available on Amazon as an eBook! If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can grab your copy for free!


Elizabeth thought the battles behind her were difficult until some of her past came back to haunt her. She struggles to determine what emotions she is feeling that is real or induced by the amulets of the original witches now when an unexpected person becomes the keeper of Prince Petre’s items. Protecting a friend comes to the forefront of her newest goal while coming up against an adversary she didn’t know existed was troublesome enough, but not to have her powers at her command…that is the true test of her will and strength.

Will Elizabeth be able to accept the new keeper?

Will Sorina and Prince Petre give their blessings?

Can the young witch keep her friend safe as well as herself?

Here are a few teasers to let you get a taste of what’s inside…

Teaser AF 1Teaser AF 2

What the Beta readers said: “the made me terribly happy”, “another AMAZING story. …you have an amazing ability to put the reader completely into the story”, and lastly… “this has got to be the best book of the four so far. And that’s saying a lot being as the first three were pretty amazing.” <<<—- these gals give me critical feedback that helps develop a better story and their praise is always humbling!

I’ll be starting book five soon and would love to hear everyone’s feedback and even suggestions on what they’d like to see next in Elizabeth’s story! Happy Reading!

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