January Writing Goals

I’ve been working on my writing calendar goals and figured it easier to go month by month, so this is my attempt at doing so. Among writing new words in my soon to be published books I also help admin a group for Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors, put out a newsletter, and work on social media posts all while trying to market my work. None of that included my family or hobbies! With all that going on sometimes its hard to think about writing new words for a story stuck in my head, but each day I try and sit long enough to do just that.

Feather and ink bottle isolated on paper backgroundSo far I’ve written nearly one thousand new words during a quick edit run of my next book, that’s a great start. I have to finish editing the book and get it ready for BETA readers then I can work on another story that has collected dust over the last year…The Forgotten Soul.

My January writing goal is to have both books completed and in hands of BETA readers before the end of the month… Hoping to put out one in February and then one in March. I’ve already got the cover art chosen for book four in The Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn, just have to coordinate with the graphic artist who’ll be doing that work…so that is one stressor off my shoulders.

The Forgotten Soul has already had cover artwork done as well. I feel I’ve created a beautiful piece that will give the book an air of mystery and fantasy!

Those are my ultimate goals for January. Do you have any month specific goals? What would you like to accomplish this month?


Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.