No Resolutions Over Here

Every New’s Year Eve we see so many of our friends and family set New Years Resolutions only to see two weeks or a month in they have failed at them, this is ONE of the many reasons I don’t set them.

First, if I’m going to set a goal for myself why wait till the end of one year and the beginning of another to do it? Second, a resolution is a statement of what you will do – I prefer to set goals…let me get there at a pace I can handle.

What I normally do at the end of the year is a Year-End WrapUp! This year I posted on Facebook about my author wrapup. Here it is:

“End of Year wrap up and plans for 2019!

Edits for book 4 of the Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn have begun… as well as for my WIP titled Forgotten Soul.

Both will get a lovely twice over and edits, but Forgotten Soul still has at least five chapters to be written.

My creative mind has been going nearly non-stop this year and am proud to say that I’ve published two new works, completed two shorts for anthologies, started turning those shorts into full-length books, and finished four WIPs. I’ve updated all books with current links for everyone to discover me online!

In all, I’ve written around 150K new words this year and I still have a few days to go!

In the Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn, I plan to get another three out in 2019, hoping for February with book 4!

The Forgotten Soul should be completed and ready by March.

I have a story that started as a short titled, Sprites and Strikes, that will be a full-length book and ready for the world around April/May’ish.

Another short I wrote, titled An Angels Defiance, will also be converted into a full-length book – my goal is to have it ready by May.

A new series I’ll be starting is the Elementally Bound – Water, Air, Earth, and Soul – are the four planned in the series so far! I’d love to have at least one ready for the Savannah event in July!

My plan is to put out at least 7 books next year! 🍷 here’s to a great year passed and a great year coming!”


In my personal life, things have been just as busy! I traveled to Vegas to help out a friend, El Paso to see my son and daughter-in-law, went to Wisconsin for the time, and made several trips back to Georgia – One was to surprise my Ma on her birthday along with the other girls in the family. I also endured two surgeries! A new arrival in our family made his debut on December 21st and this year announced two more arrivals for 2019!  My husband and I, also, celebrated our fourth year of marriage! We had three new furbabies added in our extended family!  Met lots of new people and reconnected with others. I lost a friend unexpectadly, but came to terms that she is at peace.

This year has been blessed and so many more plans are in the works for the next. Just remember while you are going about your day to reach out to friends you haven’t spoken to in some time. Pick up the phone and call your family. Send a card on birthdays and special holidays. It’s the little things that pick up a persons spirit and change their lives!

Have a Happy New Years everyone!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.