Changes, they are a coming

So, this past week I decided to make some huge changes in the way I do things…with my sites. If all goes as planned by New Years I will have my business website linked in with this blog!

For me its about simplicity. One place for everything! The blog will still be here and that portion of the site will remain absolutely the same. I will have additional pages where my book related items will be, including my event schedule. No new links to know or new places to visit. For anyone coming to see me, they will type in the usual URL and voila ~ magic! You’ll be at my site and never know I moved, except you’ll be able to see more and access more without having to go anywhere else!

So if you see things moved around a bit, this is why. I am doing some house cleaning and making improvements for both you and I!

Have any of you ever moved sites over and combined domains to make things simpler for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences since mine have already been an adventure I don’t want to ever have to repeat!

I contacted my current domain peeps and told them my plans. Told the tech on the phone, “I don’t know anything about this stuff and have been reading up on it all morning, I need to make sure its done right and effeciently!” His reply, “I have you taken care of.” That was not the case! He had only done half of what he needed, so I was on the phone with them a second time in two days. I’m huge about customer service so when I reached a nice woman this time she said, “Oh my. Yeah he should have done that. Here let me check.” I told her I had already taken care of one issue and needed to make sure it was really ready to go. Well, when changing your domain over to another place you need codes saying you have authorized this and such. I did ask if the previous codes were still good and told absolutely. It wasn’t! I ended up figuring out how to get new codes and now… things are good. It took me 48 hours to accomplish soemthing that should’ve only taken maybe 6.

It’s now confirmed that everything will transfer over and once it does I can start building my pages! But goodness that headache!

Let’s hope the next leg of this adventure goes a lot smoother!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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