Literary Love Savannah 2019

The coordinator of Literary Love Savannah (LLS) is always coming up with ideas to spoil the readers and get them in front of the authors! Spending time with the readers is so valuable because really without them… there are no sales, there is no career. I treasure each one I’ve met and truly hope to continue building relationships with them over time.

This month LLS has a really cool thing for registered readers happening!

Every reader registered by October 30th will be entered to win what we are calling EXPERIENCES… and there’s TONS of authors offering stuff up.

Now EVERYONE that’s registered from DAY ONE(the first-day registration opened) to Oct 30th will be entered to win… and it’s Looking like a TON of experiences will be out there for the taking.

On Nov. 2nd we will be doing a LIVE video feed at 8pm est where we will be asking readers to tune in, and we will be drawing names and when the name is drawn, they will get their choice of the available experiences (full list will be available in group Nov. 1st!)


So… get your registration in… and let’s get ready to party! Tickets



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