Writing goals

Last year, not much was written in way of my books so this year… I aimed for change. I had last published in January 2017 until just recently and that was a huge gap. I had an unfinished series, many unfinished works, and just no drive to get any of it done. I dealt with a lot of stress and distractions!


Early on in the year, I had vowed to myself to get at least one book out this year no matter which one it was, but the inspiration hit me and I’ve more than obtained any goal I thought I had. I’ve put restrictions on the distractions and released a lot of the stressful things going on (this helped a ton!).

Originally I wanted to write more words weekly and get the one book out – I’m proud to say that “so far” this year I have surpassed that! I have finished one book and published it, finished writing book three in my witches series- its currently in the edits stage and writing the fourth book. I have also finished several anthology stories and short stories that should be making their appearances next year.

In a group I am a member of we have quarterly writing challenges, so far this year I have logged more than 95k words, and I still have three months to go! I would like to get at least another 45k words written this year.

With the holiday season coming up, I’m hoping I can still achieve that goal. I have two trips in October happening and then, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas right behind that.  The holidays always take up that precious writing time that we, authors, treasure. I’m trying to organize myself now to stay on top of things and always have my work easily accessible. Converting all my notes and files over to digital surely will put in a better position to do so.

So, with glass in hand, I give a toast to the next three months of writing and reaching goals!Red Wine glass and Bottle

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.