To read or not to read

Okay, that may be a little corny, but its a question many authors think about. Do readers still read print copies or are they going to eprint more? Who reads (ages, demographics, etc…)?  As an author, I try to stay somewhat informed of the trends of readers.

Do teens read as much as they when I was in school? Do adults read books anymore? Well, the honest answer is yes! Although the world of media has crept up and taken root in our everyday lives (reading this blog post for example) doesn’t mean the print is lost. There has been a trend of returning to print more lately and personally, I love it.

I enjoy reading on my e-reader when traveling or somewhere that space is restricted, but while at home on my sofa reclining back… a book in print is what I grab! What is your preference? I’ve put all my work in both eBooks and print, while some authors only do one or the other. I think if I were to be exclusive I’d have some readers miss out.

Here in, Share of adults who have read a book in any format in the last 12 months in the United States in 2018, by age, the article that shows more young people are reading than older, and surprisingly when I asked my newsletter subscribers to take a poll anonymously about them, more were eighteen and younger. The next largest group was 20-30 y/o, even though I apparently have some elves amongst them 😉 .

The last paragraph in this article may my heart jump for joy:

"Despite the rise of digital platforms and the rising popularity of e-reading devices such as Kindle, Kobo and others, printed books still remain the most popular book format in the U.S., as 65 percent of Americans stated preference for printed books in 2016. E-books were consumed by 28 percent of respondents in 2016, whereas audio books were listened by 14 percent of the respondents. Millennials accounted for the largest share of printed book readers in the U.S. – 72 percent as of 2016."

Another report, Who doesn’t read books in America? BY ANDREW PERRIN, states that about one-quarter of Americans haven’t read a book in whole in the last year. This is sad because I know the love of reading and I want everyone to experience this. I didn’t become a fan of reading for pleasure until I was much older unless it was Poe of course, so I looked to a few friends I grew up with. These girls read everything and drove me nuts. I wanted to be outdoors! They are still rabid readers to this date!

The me of today, however, enjoy reading as much as the outdoors and would wholeheartedly prefer a print book in hand while lounging on the porch enjoying a nice breeze. My hopes are up though as the trends for reading are raising and that makes me hopeful. I’d love to hear your insights and thoughts on this.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.