COVER REVEAL: Multifaceted

This book has taken me so long to write, over two years. I would do a lot of research and then hit writers blocks but I finally finished and am proud to present it to you!


A transformation that takes the smallest of elements and turns it into a sentient being that influences humans according to their desires.

Will it ever tell it’s secret?


     The skies turn so dark that even the great star no longer shines, no longer rises, and no longer sets. The sky is full of only ash and dust. The chaos lasts days and turns into weeks and months. Something is wrong. The earth has never been in such turmoil. Growing concerned even TEC becomes frightened. The air turns grey, and the winds howl with fury continuously. The rains begin to beat down and don’t give way, so much so that TEC is pushed down into the ground with others of its kind struggling to move where they want, run and seek shelter.

     Frantically the elements bounce off one another within their confinement. The land begins to spit out large boulders of fire, not just from the mountains, creating waves of destruction that span out across the earth. They try to break free from this madness, but none are successful. Each wave on land brings terror to everything that contains any life left, being instantly extinguished. The animals run, fly, and flee in every direction, and yet even they are met with death. There is no haven for anything or anyone.

     As the air shifts, TEC and the others like it begin struggling to stay above ground, to no avail. TEC feels the land gradually tear apart in all directions, no longer one great land mass but many smaller ones. The same crimson flowing demon that the mountains spewed continues to flow freely from the depths of the earth. The anger encases everything, encasing TEC and entrapping it. Others like TEC are captured along with it. The tiniest of freedom they just fought for is now gone. They cannot wriggle free. They are trapped. Trying to dart in every direction but not really moving… TEC realizes there is no hope. The red terror is like quicksand, no escape. Whether TEC sits still or wriggles around, the crimson demon has it trapped. They decide to gather close and work together to earn their freedom, but they are not strong enough. The demon seems to have endless strength.



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Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.