BOOK REVIEW: House of Vamp by Jesse McDowell



As leaders in the high-end fashion industry House of Vamp has built their brand around themselves living as modern day vampires. When their latest show at New York’s Fashion Week breaks records the family of nine’s next move is obvious, a reality series. Heir Vamp, father and head of the household jumps at the chance to reveal to the world the truth, that Vampires are not monsters. But his wayward brood has other ideas, exposing 
the family secrets of sibling rivalry, anorexia, adolescent rebellion, and a slew of addictions to an international viewing audience.

“Reality Television officially Sucks!”

My review:

When traveling by plane I love a good book to read, in June I went to Georgia and had plenty of time to read while on the plane and during layovers and chose to read The House of Vamp: Home Sweet House by Jesse McDowell. A very good choice too!

The book was so good I finished the whole thing in one day of travel! (No, it’s not short either!).  House of Vamp follows along a family of vampires that have chosen to make themselves open to the public and while most of the public tries to debunk the fact that they are vampires they have hoards of fans who want to follow their every move. This is book one in the series and is set in modern day times of cell phones and reality shows. The story grabs you from the start and keeps you well entertained till the very end.

Something else I love about this book… there is no fluff, its all story. McDowell has created a believable vampiric family all the way down to the minute details. His characters are well developed and each show growth within the story. I will be looking for the next book!

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