Home Sweet… Georgia

I’ve been blessed to be able to go back to Georgia this last week for vacation and it was perfect, even with the numerous storms – which were random and fierce all at once.

I flew into Savannah where my hubs picked me up and we had a great dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Made some calls to let a few people know I was in town, sent a few messages and tried to start making plans to see people.

Usually my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids are the ones we see first but alas, they were vacationing in Florida so I had days before I’d see them. Quickly calling Ma and trying to get on her schedule, Johnny and I decided to take Sunday for ourselves and we did some exploring.

We drove around Tybee Island looking for an elusive fishing spot, which remains elusive for us 🙂 The day was extremely hot and of course we decide we are going to tour Fort Pulaski, because what’s better than touring a historic site in the burning sun… No matter, we did it! The tour guide was amazing and full of neat information I never knew and that’s what makes taking tours worth it. Growing up I’d been to that historic fort numerous times and never took the tour, so I learned a lot and took tons of photos. (I’ll share a few photos below)

Hubs had to work on Monday so I had a quiet day at the hotel getting some work done, then we were to meet up at Applebees with Ma and Gerry. It was a good dinner with great people. Even the random storm that dropped by was pleasant as the wind tore through and left gallons of rain in its wake.

On Tuesday, we finally got to head over to a friends house, Nat, and spend some time with her. It was nice to catch up and although it was a short visit it was perfect. After that we were finally going to see the kids and grands.

Now, let me tell you a little something about my grandkids. There was three home, while one was off visiting her other grandma. The youngest two will talk to me all day long on FaceTime but in person its another story. They want nothing to do with me… seriously, runs and cry – go figure. Now my husband has been in town on and off for the last eight months so they’ve gotten very use to him and love their PaPa. The oldest was the same for the first couple of years but now she loves her NaNa and came running to hug me. Had the other grand be home, I’m sure she also would have run to hug me. I then spent a few hours on Wednesday doing the oldest grandkids hair and PaPa got some littles time. The two littles started to warm up to me about the time it was for us to leave, figures right? That is the worst part about being so far away from them.

Thursday Johnny and I took to the roads exploring some more and that evening ended at our friends house again for a fabulous dinner. Nat is an amazing woman I grew up with since around the third grade. We lost track for a number of years but when we met back up it was like it wasn’t more than a day we had missed. Those kind of friendships are the best! It was a memorable night, we got to meet her wife, Julie, visit with her sister and enjoy a great meal! We sat for hours talking of old times, recent times and future times.

Friday was a long but fun day. St. Simons Island Pier had called our names and we answered. My daughter, son-in-law, husband and myself arrived near seven that morning and stayed till around four. We fished and crabbed – earning us a full bucket of crabs and a mess of fish enough to feed us all and have left overs!

We’re off to our next destination which for now is classified – but I’ll share later.

Remember that in life, we have moments… once they are gone they are lost, so enjoy your moments and make the most out of them, every single one! Spend them with family, friends, or just by yourself but make them memorable.

These are just a few photos we took… enjoy! Off on my next adventure.

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