Turning 46

I’ve not been big on celebrating my birthday in quite some time, so this year was no different. My husband is on the road for work and the house has been quieter, not that he necessarily is noisy 😉

Anyhow, as time creeps up on us as it does me I had a lot of things on my mind this birthday (June 11). I didn’t really want any gifts or celebrations, just a quiet day like most others in my life to relax and enjoy myself in my little space. I got that and am very grateful. I did have a few surprise gifts and to say the least am blessed. (I’ll share photos below)

My father passed away at the age of 43 the day after his birthday; my mother when she was 48 and just eight days after her birthday. I think it was when he passed that I no longer wanted to count the years. After my mother left this world birthdays began to terrify me. All the ‘what if’ questions would pop up and haunt me weeks prior to my birthday and even weeks after.

I want to live a long happy life, seeing my kids become adults and parents, seeing my grandchildren grow up…  Not living long enough may be an irrational fear but it is one. With that said, I am working hard on changing my mindset.

From hubs, I recieved 1 dozen of the longest stem roses I’ve ever seen (you’ll notice 24 here – the vase was cracked and they sent the whole order again – Double the love). They are almost as tall as I am!



My lovely cousin sent me 20 succulent plants, so now I have a succulent garden! img_1937.jpg


My oldest son gave me these ergonomic crochet hooks. They are amazing! img_1938-e1528999756669.jpg

I got blessed with a Starbucks card and many birthday greetings. It made my heart fill with love. Thank you all for making the start of a new year for me so nice. I’m learning to let go of the fears and start enjoying the life I treasure so much.

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