Family means all…

I’ve been rather quiet on here and social media in general lately as I have had so much going on I’ve let it slip.  So far this month I have submitted a book to my editor, started a new story, went to San Antonio for the Wanderlust in San Antonio author event, gone to El Paso to celebrate Mothers Day and my DIL’s birthday and meet my new grandpuppy (Aki), and most recently had a scare at home with our dog…

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Multifaceted is a book about a sentient diamond who learns it can influence humans (fun, right?!). I am hoping to have it ready to for your hands in July when I attend the Literary Love Savannah event… exclusively to them first!

The new book I started will be a short story, for now, Sprites and Strikes, a baseball-themed fantasy about a sprite who is intrigued not only by the game but the only female pitcher in the area!

Our trips to San Antonio and El Paso were back to back weekend trips! Exhilarating and exhausting but some great memories were made as we saw the Alamo and visited the Ripley’s Museum, then in El Paso had a day of putt-putt, bumper boats, and go-karts filled with great food and tons of laughs.

Thursday we had house inspection where the property managers said we were in violation of our lease because of our pit bull, Nyx. The only problem with that is we had told them when we got her and no one ever said a word. So, m husband and I went in and spoke to them face-to-face. We were calm, as much as we could be. They were threatening huge fines and that she’d have to be removed. Here is where it gets tricky. You see, I will do anything to protect my family and keep us together. Immediately I told them I’d sign any waiver of responsibility and have her on our insurance and pay any additional fees necessary.  Keeping calm and being ready to stand up for our four-legged baby was vital… the next day I emailed them copies of our renters insurance showing her coverage already existed and the coverage was current. The broker said yes!! We were half-way there.  Now the weekend was long for us as we waited to hear from the owner and see what fate was going to be bestowed upon us. In the meantime, we did some work – we looked at other properties who would gladly take her without discrimination and even the possibility of her going on a trip with Hubs. Monday morning I checked my emails looking for an update about every thirty minutes until one arrived. The owner said: YES and no additional fees! We’ve lived in his house more than 10 years and have taken such good care of it and we always are respectful. That paid off!

I was ready to pay, move, terminate a lease… all for my dog. But she is more than a dog. She is our family, our playmate, our baby! Every and any animal I take in… is family. I can’t just give up on them (unless medically necessary of course). I have never done that and cant start now.

So for me, family means all.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.