BOOK REVIEW: Ghost Haunting from Ally Shields


Ghost Haunting

A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery

written by Ally Shields

Book Blurb:

Her most dangerous suspect may not be flesh and blood…

Since recovering from a sniper’s bullet, homicide detective Maggie Girard has been able to see ghosts. With her partner, Josh Brandt, away on an undercover assignment, Maggie begins looking into two apparent suicides with odd paranormal elements. Surely the reports of ghostly sounds at both scenes were imaginations running wild. But she quickly discovers things aren’t as they seem. These were murders…and something otherworldly is involved, a malignant entity unlike any she’s encountered before. Something far more dangerous than a mere ghost.

The investigation takes another wild turn when a powerful stranger with quicksilver eyes begins showing up at the murder scenes. She can’t decide if he’s an ally or an enemy…or whether he’s even human. When the strange deaths continue and the mystery deepens with no end in sight, she knows something is very wrong in New Orleans…and she can’t fix it alone. For the first time she’s facing an enemy who could kill her with a single touch…

My Review:

I have discovered that with any book from Shields you’re going to get a fantastically written story that keeps you wanting more. Superb characters, realistic world building and a great story line that never disappoints! So ready for the next installment of Maggie York!!


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