When are we done?

A while back I heard a conversation where one parent told another they didn’t need to give their child advice anymore because that child was now an adult.

I thought about this for quite sometime and mulled it over and over in my head. Here are my thoughts:

The only time we are done doing anything for our children is (1) they no longer acknowledge you as a parent or have cut all ties, (2) legally, when they turn 18 in the US they are a legal adult and then we can’t do anything in the form of being responsible for them, (3) they are dead.

Blunt, I know but this is how I feel. As a parent, I am to be there for my children with advice until the day they depart this world or I do. If I sit back and be silent then I am not doing my duty as a mom. If I see my child or children doing things they shouldn’t they know I will speak up and tell them so. I will give them the best advice I can on doing better whether its from experience or knowledge.

At no time, should my children anticipate that I won’t be there to guide them just cause they are a legal adult. A good parent will never not guide their children in the best directions they know.

Now, should they not like my advice or not take it then that is on them! I did my part and the rest is up to them.

I didn’t have the healthiest relationship with my mother and none with my father, so I vowed to be the best newer version of them both when it comes to my children and in this way I was very successful. So to all you parents out there, your parenting should never end just because they turn 18!

So the question stands… When are we done? My answer: Never!

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