BABIT (Houston, TX)

On Wednesday, a fellow author reached out to be about attending the Books are Bigger in Texas Author Event being held in Houston, Texas asking if I wanted to attend. What girl could refuse a well known event, especially when she had no other plans for the weekend?! So I went.

The event was held in the 1940 Air Terminal Museum and was very fun. I was pleased to meet a wonderful woman RR Born who was my table mate for the day. All day long I was able to speak new people as well as see familiar faces. The readers were hungry for books coming and going with bags and wagons full, smiling the whole time.

The weather the day before had been much cooler but surely warmed up on us Saturday. The air was full of airplanes landing and taking off and chatter from the crowd. The first thirty minutes or so the planes coming in and going out was a bit daunting but after awhile we all adjusted and it become an odd part of the white noise.

Normally hubs is with me to take pictures and help with the mingling but since he was working out-of-state I didn’t get as many photographs. Here are the few I did get and even a small video clip outside the air terminal.

Just behind our table to the right (as you look at the photo) there is a helicopter… yes a helicopter and off to the side you will see the airplane. Remember we were in an Air Terminal Museum so of course there was airplanes! 🙂

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