What is in a name?

A name is given to everything. Trees, Insects, Things, People. Literally everything. We name our children, pets, and even our automobiles.

So when the prompt for week 6 in #52Ancestors came up as Favorite Name, I was stuck. Over the last few days, I have diligently to update my ancestry records online from documents I received after my mother’s death in 2004. I have seen so many names. So many names that repeated generation after generation. I even thought at one point was there no other names available to them. But then it made sense, they were passing down the names. Alexander, Hugh, Malcolm, and Duncan. These were names that were documented as far back as 1476, so for my favorite name I choose Duncan.

Duncan VI MacGregor was born in Scotland and died February 17, 1476/77 in Scotland. He married a woman with the last name Keppoch in Scotland and had three children, Duncan Dubh, James Dubh, and Gregor Dubh.

That name, Duncan, repeats more times than I can count through the 17 generations we have documented. The next most repeated name is Alexander, and while I didn’t know this when naming my own boys that was a name in the running, although not chosen.

Searching through the documents I have found that my mothers middle name had been in the family for nearly nine generations. So the next time you think What’s in a Name? Remember that name started somewhere and it could very well have been your ancestors.

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