An invitation to dinner

An invitation to dinner is week fours writing prompt from #52Ancestors!

To imagine having any one of my ancestors, family members known or unknown to dinner is just exciting. But how does one narrow down that invitation to just one when your ancestors date back past the 1400s. That’s a lot people to choose from.

Would I want the person I was closest to? Or would I rather have someone who would make me laugh? Hmmm, maybe the person who would enlighten me most about my family, about me? Or would I chose the person who is most known in history?

Yes, that is who I would choose. Through my mothers genealogy work it was discovered that we are direct descendants of Robert Roy MacGregor of Scotland who became a historical figure in Scottish history and mine.

To imagine his life in the late 1600s and early 1700s, politics, family, a cattleman and trying to do what he felt was right yet the English condemned as wrong.

I think he would be the most interesting ancestor to have dinner with. I think he would be a wealth of information, fun to talk to, and just right down exciting.

The table set with steaks and chops and fresh vegetables, he and I would sit across from one another so I could watch his body language and listen to his stories. I think it would be a grand meal.

*photo from Wikipedia

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