Even a year later I miss her

Rhea popping out of a blanket - pet me

While the title of this post gives you a clue about what this will be about – grief, loss, and love, it doesn’t tell you about the soul I miss.

Rhea. Yes, my chihuahua. Its been a year since I had to let her go and be in peace but I still miss her daily. There is not a day I don’t find myself with her in thought even in the slightest way.

She was with me right around eight years and she was my shadow and snuggle bug. She had a unique soul, very particular and just lovable… but she had a temper and would put her brothers in their place.

Since her passing we have lost her brother Maximus as well… but we gained a new brother Merric (my betta fish) and a sister, Nyx. People always said after having an animal for so long and you add new ones to the family they are never replaced. This is so true.!

There will never be another soul like hers.

Even a year later I miss her.

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