Having a purpose

When we are children we say we’re going to grow up and be police officers, doctors, firefighters, and more…

It’s not till we are in our teens that we start to see with clearer vision what we are meant to do, not that we always listen.

But as an adult, have you discovered your purpose? I must admit it has taken me a while to understand that I knew all along what my purpose was I just didn’t see it.

Over the last 7 years, I had to rediscover myself, learn who I am and what my purpose really is. As I would sit in reflection on various occasions, I figured it out one day. My purpose is to inspire others to be better versions of themselves with inner growth and to make sure I give them encouragement as they choose the best paths to travel.

Deep down, I believe this is what all of us should do. Help out those who need. Do not tear down a person and fill them with negativity and adversity but lift them up with encouragement, positivity, and love.

Early in life, I learned to take care of others. I learned that when faced with all that is negative the only thing that got me through was hope.

Today, I try to encourage others with that same positivity that kept my soul sane alive and thriving. I feel if I can walk through hell and come out with a positive mindset then it was my fate to inspire others. One of the ways I inspire others is with my writing. All of my novellas and short novels have underlying messages of hope and fate.

What is your purpose and what have you done or do to fulfill that destiny?

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.