When life’s door is closed

This is an undated piece I wrote in the mid ’80’s (wow I just showed my age for real)! But it was real, it happened, and I have to share it. I was a teenager when suicide became all too real to my world. After that, I never backed down when I saw someone needed to be helped! NEVER!310325_1978855592499_1468107086_n

When life’s door is closed

And the gray clouds turn black

You point to your head and say goodbye

Is this the way to go?

Tomorrow could’ve been full of sunshine and love

But you’ll never know

You left before your time

And there is no second chance

You have left and can never return

Goodbye, My friend

*published in The Shadow of the Mind’s Heart by Cheryllynn Dyess.


Whenever we lose a friend, colleague or family member to suicide we always say, “what if”…

What if I had called or texted them more?

What if I had taken the time to make sure they were okay?

What if I had not hesitated to stand up for them?

‘What if’ can you get you in a world of mental anguish, especially when it is too late. We will never know the “what if” answers. We only know “what did”.  So when you see that school mate getting bullied – stand up and help. When you see a friend whose behavior is severely changed and you have even an inkling of concern – talk to them or tell someone. Do not hesitate to help. Do not be afraid to say, “are you okay” or “do you need some help”.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline    1-800-273-8255

 A Look at Depression Statistics

Don’t wait… Time could be the one thing you can’t slow down for someone who is in need of help.


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