Full or empty?

When you look at your desktop or laptop is your screen full of icons or empty? Well, typically I am very clean and free of icons on my desktop kind of gal. Recently, I have noticed the file and app icons are beginning to fill in my desktops space covering my gorgeous background! See what I mean?



Years ago I was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, a “thing” I had most of my life and never gave it a name. Everything always had to be put away and its place at all times! My home was always clean, but slowly over the years, I have learned to handle a little chaos outside of my delusion realm of order. I can handle things not in its place BUT there are those things that still trigger that OCD in full force.

So while I struggle between wanting a clean background and easy access to items I use fairly often… I’d like to know are you an Empty Backgrounder or a Full Backgrounder?



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