Eyes are the window to the soul?

Eyes are the window to the soul???

Many times I am complimented that I look much younger than I am… That I have 315497_1966977775561_7239735_nbeautiful eyes… That I am a strong woman and other nice compliments about my personality. But today I was told that although I looked younger in my face my eyes said that I was battling inner wars (not just one either). I was told that my eyes told of the worry and fighting that I deal with. Now, to that person, I had to say … “The eyes can say a lot if you are looking.” Then I smiled. So with that in mind… know that nothing you do can truly hide the truth in life if the right person is looking, sometimes you might just be surprised by who is looking. I do battle inner wars every day – many of which no one will ever know the details and some a few know of (no one will ever know all my battles or their details ~ I am a private person and do not feel any one person needs to know all that is within another). So the as the title questions – Eyes are the window to the soul??? I believe they are but with beautifully decorated window coverings shielding much of

eye love

what is within from the world. The eyes allow you to glimpse into what the person’s soul holds, hides and covets – but NO ONE can ever truly seen completely ( not by any human at least).

I wrote this back in 2014 but thought I’d share here. It makes me think whenever I read it again. Tell me your thoughts. Do you believe the eyes are truly the window to the soul?

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  1. I think eyes are the window to our soul.
    I don’t think when I was at my lowest that everyone seen it, but those that did, seemed to be the ones that knew me well and I could not hide it in the end from them. For some others, they just did not observe to see and for the rest, not sure.

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