Morning Coffee with Rebekkah Ford


Today I have Becki (Rebbekah) Ford has dropped by for morning coffee!

Good morning and welcome….come and sit, we can enjoy the back porch this morning ! It hasn’t started to get too warm yet in the mornings, so maybe we can see the hummingbirds! So, what Can I get you to drink?

Good Morning. It’s wonderful to be here. I’d love some coffee with milk, please.

Me, I’ll have a cup of Cafe Ole Texas Pecan with caramel…mmmhhhmmm.

Oooh, is that a flavored bean coffee or is it sort of like a Starbuck’s thing where you add flavoring to it? Do you know what I mean? If that’s what you’re going to drink, I’ll have that instead. No, flavored beans though. LOL.

I know the bean is roasted with the pecans, not sure that it’s more flavored than that. I may have to research that now, 🙂

Ya know what, I am trying to remember where or when we first met? I know we are part of the Reading Past Midnight group… but really my memory is hazy on the rest.

We met in the Reading Past Midnight group and became friends. 🙂

Ah yes! I’ve met so many people online it’s hard to remember… goodness, Facebook has brought a lot of people together.

It has. I’ve met a lot of cool people on Facebook. Some of them I’m now good friends with.

I’ve been in Texas now five years, where do you live?

I live in a small farming community in rural North Dakota. The population is 1,800 people. We only have one stop light, and the nearest WalMart is an hour away. It’s great here. We don’t have to lock our doors. In fact, people leave their keys in the ignition of their vehicles. It’s like Mayberry here. Seriously. I’m not from North Dakota though, My husband and I moved here ten years ago from Prescott, Arizona. I grew up in Phoenix.  

Now that sounds like a nice place, not sure about being an hour away from a big store though. I once lived in a similar place in Florida, but I was only fifteen minutes from a larger town.

Phoenix and Prescott, eh? What a huge change. I loved Phoenix when I was there. I can imagine it was a bit of culture shock!

It was a culture shock but in a good way. People here take their shoes off before walking into their home. I’m not used to that, even after 10 years of living here. So when I go to someone’s house, I forget to do that, then feel like a dumbass when I see everyone without their shoes on.. LOL

I can only imagine reprogramming yourself to do things that are so different.So tell us Becki outside of the book world, what do you do?

I have a day job working for a mom and pop propane business that’s out in the country about 4 minutes from where I live. They’re wonderful people to work for and with. We’re like a family. I love to read, go to antique stores, take walks, watch my favorite shows, hike, target shot, bookstores, and every Friday night my husband and I goes out to have a couple drinks and dinner. I look forward to that every week. It’s fun. 🙂

I bet out there the antique stores are full of treasures! What is the best find you’ve gotten that you just couldn’t say no to?

Oh, I don’t know. LOL. Old classic books. We collect them. To be honest, we haven’t ran into a lot of antique stores near us. There are a lot of small towns here, so one of these days we’re going to go check them out and maybe we’ll find more antique stores. 🙂  

Now that Friday night date sounds wonderful, great way to stay connected and close as well.

Yup. It’s fun and something to look forward to every week.  

What do you have coming up in the book world?

I have a fantasy book coming out this summer titled: Legends of Deceit. It’s in edits right now. If anyone wants Amazon to alert them when LOD comes out, here’s my Amazon author page.  

Just click the “follow” button below my author picture, and you’re golden. 😉


Thank you so much Rebekkah for coming by and having coffee. It has been a true pleasure. I hope we can do it again soon.

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